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DIY House; Ice Cream Station


DIY House; Ice Cream Station

Robotime-Rolife DGM06 is a mint green dessert shop with delicious cakes and snacks. Lovely miniature with colors and sweets. You will find real pleasure when building and crafting it.

*Due to customs policy, glue, battery or pigment may not be included in the package.

You will get:
1. LED light
2. The dessert
3. Plants
4. All decorations are the same as the picture shown!

Photo shows finished dollhouse, but you receive are spare parts, build by yourself!

1.Scale: 1:24
2.Dollhouse Size: 210*135*150 mm (8.27*5.31*5.91 inch)
3.Net Weight:450g
Material: wood, fabric, paper, plastic, metal
Manual: English instruction
1. Age: apply above 10 years old
2. The glue & battery will be taken out of the package if your order needs air transportation, tweezers & brush are included.

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