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8350X Traxxas Driveshafts, Steel Constant-Velocity (Assembled), Front


Traxxas Driveshafts, steel constant-velocity (assembled), front

Driveshafts, steel constant-velocity (assembled), front (2)
Pair of one-piece steel front CV driveshafts with stub axles save weight and send power directly to the wheels for lightning quick response times. Driveshafts come pre-assembled and ready to install.

Accessory part for these models:

4-Tec® 2.0 AWD Chassis
4-Tec® 2.0 VXL AWD Chassis
Chevrolet® Corvette® Stingray
Factory Five '33 Hot Rod Coupe
Factory Five '35 Hot Rod Truck
Ford® GT
Ford® Mustang GT®
Toyota® GR Supra GT4®

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