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Front and Rear Portal Axles Housing SCX24 C10 Jeep Bronco


Front and Rear Portal Axles Housing SCX24

This heavy-duty portal axles are formed from high-quality aluminum alloy, manufactured by CNC processing and anodized on the surface, which is beautiful and durable.

Excellent design: The front axle adopts large-scale c-knuckle design and the rear axle is an integrated structure. At the same time, the caster angle of the front axle is 8 degrees and the kingpin inclination angle is 10 degrees. This is a perfect angle, which can effectively improve the stability of the vehicle when climbing;

The performance is improved: Compared with the original vehicle, the width is increased by 3mm, and the ground clearance is increased by 6mm, effectively improving the trafficability and stability;

Equipped with Standard Micro servo mount and rear link mount.

It is the perfect select for all your scx24 cars:
Ford Bronco AXI00006T1 AXI00006T2 AXI00006T3;
Jeep Gladiator AXI00005T1 AXI00005T2;
Chevrolet C10 AXI00001T1 AXI00001T1;
Jeep Wrangler JLU AXI00002T1 AXI00002T2;
Deadbolt AXI90081T1 AXI90081T2 .

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