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GREEN SERIES Flat Synthetic Brush Size 6


Flat Synthetic Brushes

There are endless brush types and sizes and each one has been designed for different tasks. Green Stuff World paintbrushes are expertly hand-crafted and designed to help you paint your armies at an exceptional standard.

Synthetic hair brushes are very similar to natural hair brushes but they are more suitable for less experienced painters or techniques that require a less watered-down medium, like dry brushing. Great for a single-stroke technique, and generally any other technique that requires charging slightly diluted paint. Synthetic brushes work worse in a more dilute medium. For this task, use natural hair brushes kolinsky variety.

Compared with natural hair brushes, synthetic hair brushes require less maintenance to keep the shape of the tips. As Synthetic brushes also absorb less water and paint, we do NOT recommend washing, blending, layering, and degrading techniques.

You should form bristles into a point after using them whenever necessary and not let dry paint residues between the bristles. After painting, let them stand upside down to avoid the deformation of the tips. Good maintenance of these brushes will ensure to have them for a long time.

Flat brushes are useful for blending and fading, creating rust and dirt streaks. Synthetic fibers are designed to stand up to the most rigorous of paint products.

Flat Bristles length: 12mm
Hair width: 8mm
Total length: 19cm

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