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U.S. Infantry Weapons Set Plastic Model Kit, Ca221

U.S. Infantry Weapons Set Plastic Model Kit, Ca221


U.S. Infantry Weapons Set Plastic Model Kit, Ca221

This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit depicting typical WWII U.S. weaponry.
A comprehensive set includes various pistols, the M1 rifle, M2 carbine, Thompson submachine gun, M2 heavy machine gun, M2 mortar, bazookas, M18 recoilless rifle and various other subjects.
Also comes with accessories such as ammo cases, rounds, gas masks and more.


  • The German Panzer IV/70(A) form accurately depicted based on extensive research at the Saumur Armored Museum in France.
  • The hull is based upon the German Tank Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.J kit (35181) with new slide molding on sides, and late production fuel port hatch and return roller support frame recreated in detail.
  • Aside from drive sprockets, road wheels and return rollers, other components are all new.
  • Main gun moves - elevation/depression and traverse - accompanied by sighting device.
  • Features opening commander and loader hatches.
  • Features realistic depictions of surface sections such as cast gun shield and rolled steel fighting compartment walls.
  • Assembly type depictions of lightweight tracks have one-piece straight sections.
  • Large photo-etched parts authentically capture mesh Schürzen.
  • Includes one torso commander figure.
  • Comes with a choice of two marking options to recreate versions at the Eastern and Western Front.
  • se separately sold 1/35 German Jagdpanzer IV /70 (V) Lang Metal Gun Barrel Set (12660) to add even more detail.

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