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Black Chrome Paint - Airbrush


Black Chrome Paint - Airbrush

Paint black chrome

Black Chrome Paint is alcohol-based and it has been designed to create a mirror-like effect that imitates the reflection of a chrome surface. This type of paint is designed to be used with an airbrush only and should be applied to glossy surfaces, preferably black or very dark, in order to achieve the desired effect. It is important to note that a matte base or light colors will not allow a mirror-like reflection.

If inks or varnishes are added on top, the mirror effect may be reduced or lost. Once it has been applied and allowed to dry completely, it may be necessary to polish the surface with a soft brush, sponge, ear swab, or cloth to enhance and highlight the mirror reflections.

Use it to create a unique and striking metallic effect on miniatures, particularly those with futuristic or sci-fi themes.

Contents: 1 dropper bottle 17ml - Valid for airbrush.

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