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Garrett 14" Sifter/Classifier

Garrett 14" Sifter/Classifier


Garrett 14" Sifter/Classifier

Garrett 14" Sifter/Classifier Sifts gold, jewelry, relics and debris. Fits a 5 gallon bucket

Key Bullet Points

  • Perfect for wet or dry conditions
  • Includes 7/16" square exit holes
  • Fits over a 5-gallon bucket, filtering out larger rocks and material
  • Sift gold, jewelry, relics and debris

Dive into the world of gold prospecting with the Garrett Sifter/Classifier, a recovery tool that elevates your gold panning experience. This 14-inch sifting pan, known for its efficiency in wet and dry conditions, is an essential asset for all gold miners. With a vibrant green color, users quickly identify gold against other materials, enhancing the overall recovery process of gold, jewelry, relics, and debris.

Fitting over a standard 5-gallon bucket, this gold classifier allows gold nuggets, flakes, and finer particles to be captured with precision. The square exit holes also ensure that only the desired material remains, while the riffled design of the gold pan facilitates a faster and safer recovery of metals. Whether you’re sifting through the black sands of a stream or examining the contents of dry ground, this tool’s stackable design makes it a valuable companion for every treasure hunt.

More Features & Details

  • Lightweight and Portable: The sifter’s lightweight construction doesn’t compromise on durability, making it easy to carry. It’s perfect for long days of gold prospecting.
  • Quick Identification: The green plastic pan makes it easier to spot gold flakes and precious metals during the sifting process.

Heavy Duty Design: Built with high-quality plastic, these stackable sifting pans face the challenges of rugged environments

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