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Hobby Plus CR-18P Rock Van Grey/Red

Hobby Plus CR-18P Rock Van Grey/Red


Hobby Plus CR-18P Rock Van Grey/Red

HobbyPlus RC would like to introducing our new CR18P. This is a new performance edition we develop mainly for performance upgrade. It has new front and rear portal axle with full bulletproof metal gear. With the new axle the new CR18P has the best ground clearance compare to all the micro crawler out there. We have also redesign the new final drive ratio of the new CR18P which is now can crawl very slow, smooth and tons of torque.

1. New design portal axle
2. All bullet proof metal gear in front and rear axle
3. Clipless body mount
4. New 4 channel ESC/RX with buttery smooth throttle respond
5. Full function light system control by TX
- Front head light (low beam)
- Front head light (high Beam)
- Rear light
- Brake light
- Left and right signal light
- Reverse light
- Spot light switch
- Hazard light
6. Oversize internal bead lock wheel
7. Oversize MT tire
8. Chassis mounted servo with panhard bar
9. High torque tranny (FDR: 104:1)
10. PPX 4 standard water resistance electronics
11. Aluminum Chassis rail

Length: 283.5mm
Width : 122.8mm
Height: 138.3mm
Wheelbase : 155mm
Weight: approx 280grm
Drive Train : Full lock 4WD
Suspension: Coil spring
Wheel : Internal bead lock
Tire: Super Soft Rubber

Transmitter TX: 2.4ghz 4channel
ESC/RX: 2in1 Combo with full light features (PPX4 grade water resistant)
Battery: 7.4v 2S Li-po 600mah
Motor: Brushed 050 55T
Charger: USB with indicator

Ultimate Ground clearance which can go through large obstacle with the max size of 61mm width and 27.8mm height

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