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On Point - Metal Silver Lexan Body Spray


On Point 150ml RC Spray Paint - Metal Silver

On Point paints have been specially developed for the painting of Polycarbonate bodies.

Before you begin ... Remove any dirt particles from the surface to be painted.

Polycarbonate bodies

Cut out the body and sand the cut edges. Many bodies have a transparent protective foil on the outside. Do not remove this protective foil until the paint has dried! Mask all areas that are not to be painted, by using masking film or masking tape. First paint the dark and then the light colours so as to prevent the dark colours from shining through the lighter ones. Always check to make sure that the surfaces are dry and free of dust before painting!

On Point Paint for polycarbonate is a premium, fuel proof paint for R/C bodies. To obtain the best results, follow these simple instructions:

  • Shake it like you shake your friend's pop can when they aren't looking.
  • Have your can a full Maple Leaf away (20cm) from the body while spraying
  • Apply a thin layer of paint unlike the amount of gravy on a good poutine
  • Keep your hands off your body and sing O'Canada 6.5 times (10 minutes) while the layers dry
  • Allow 2 quarters of a Lacrosse game (30 minutes) for full curing
  • After use, turn the can upside down and spray for 2 sec. until the nozzle is empty.

Warning: While spraying, leave your can upright. Spraying your can while inverted may result in you questioning your life choices

Coloring of windows

For coloring the windows you can use the On Point transparent Smoke  spray colour. Allow the entire painted body to dry for 10 min. before you paint the windows. Spray the transparent colour onto the body from a distance of approx. 30 to 40 cm. Make sure you apply only a very light coat of paint as bleeding around the windows might easily spoil the overall appearance of an otherwise beautifully painted body!

Special instructions for Candy Colours

Candy colours are translucent and when applied correctly will add depth to your paint job. Candy colours spray out somewhat clear and require multiple coats to achieve best results. The colour will show up more with each coat but will still be see through before applying the backing colour.

The goal is to have an even looking colour coverage. You MUST use a backing colour to give depth to the paint and create that candy effect. Here are the recommended backing colours:

  • On Point White (150ml or 400ml): brighter colour, not much depth
  • On Point Silver (150ml or 400ml): bright, rich colour, some depth, metallic sparkles
  • On Point Metallic White (150ml): brighter colour, metallic sparkles
  • On Point Metallic Gold (150ml): darker colour, the most depth, metallic sparkles
  • On Point Chrome (150ml): special coloured-chrome look (also follow special instructions for Chrome)

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