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SkullGlue Cement for Plastics

SkullGlue Cement for plastics
Quick adhesive for plastics used in modeling with an extra fluid formula. Fast drying and leaves no residue.
Limited edition cement glue valid for all of the most common plastics used in modeling, allowing you to unify all your glues for plastics in a single product. Not only is it more efficient than many other glue types and brands (as indicated below), but its versatility also means different plastics can be glued among each other using just one glue. Take advantage of this special edition in a crystal bottle shaped like a skull.
Valid for the following types of plastics: polystyrene PE, ABS, methacrylate and PVC.
1x SkullGlue Cement 15ml
1x Applicator brush
*For plastics only, do not use with other materials.
**Fast evaporation, apply and paste the pieces quickly.

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