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Ultraman Suit Zoffy Action, from "Ultraman", Figure Rise Standard Model


Ultraman Suit Zoffy Action, from "Ultraman", Figure Rise Standard Model

From "ULTRAMAN", the Zoffy suit worn by Susumu Hayada is proudly participating in Figure-rise Standard as an ACTION version kit! By connecting the chest and abdomen with multiple ball joints and moving them, the model has a greatly increased range of motion in the twisting direction. The model also features ball joints for the neck for excellent range of motion there as well. All that articulation and range of motion allows for very dynamic poses from fan favorite action-packed moments. In addition to the expressive range of motion, attention to detail was applied to the chest and shoulders utilizing clear parts with polarized pearl material for stunning aesthetics. The abdominal joints have two options: "when movable is prioritized" and "when the LED unit (sold separately) is built-in". The LED unit (sold separately) can be placed in the chest to really make your model stand out. This model includes many iconic accessories such as the Marus 133 Kai, multiple hands for different poses and holding objects, and even a display pedestal. Truly a wonderful kit for any fan.

Kit Includes: Ultraman Suit Zoffy, Marus 133 Kai, Specium Ray, Ultra Slash (x2), Specium Blade (x2), Hand Parts Grip Hands (Left and Right), Facial Hands (Left and Right), Weapon Holders (Right), Joint Parts, Figure-rise Effect pedestal, Foil sticker, Marking sticker

Recommended: Parts sprue tree nippers

Ages 15+

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